We have a set of objectives to ensure that we deliver a consistently high standard of work, on time, to budget and with a high percentage of client satisfaction.


We do this by ensuring all employees are committed to providing the highest level of service to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients, as well as maintaining an inclusive culture where employees are encouraged to assist in the development of our procedures to help us achieve our objectives.


To demonstrate our commitment to quality, assist in the continuous improvement of our integrated system and ensure we achieve excellence in all our activities, we are fully certified to ISO 9001:2015.


Our quality management system is embraced throughout all areas of the Company and has been designed to drive continuous improvement and maintain client satisfaction. The quality system extends out to include our supply chain partners and subcontractors who are required to demonstrate their ability to consistently maintain the high standard of products and services that we, and our clients, expect.


Established in 1932, Frank H. Dale is now one of the UK’s largest and most efficient steel fabricators


Our Company objectives underpin the quality management system and act as the foundations on which we build continuous improvement in our performance. They are:


  • Our customers’ needs shall be fully understood
  • Appropriate resources are provided in terms of facilities and relevant skills to fulfil customer needs
  • The Company is committed to a process of continual improvement and sets quality improvement objectives that are re-assessed regularly
  • Progress towards the quality objectives are monitored
  • The quality policy and policy objectives adopted by management have been made known to all employees.


Quality is intrinsic within our company and therefore naturally becomes an integral part of our business performance. It is largely responsible for our repeat business statistic and client satisfaction figures and so our Company Procedures and Policies are always developed with consideration of our quality objectives in mind.