Through continuous investment in plant, machinery, automated systems and robotics, we have created a state of the art fabrication facility,
geared towards being one of the safest and most efficient in the country!

Our production facility employs modern computer numerically controlled machinery to enable us to produce fabricated steelwork to the highest standards. With a 6 wheel shotblast plant we are able to shot blast to SA 2.5 standard and our plural component paint system ensures we can achieve a surface finish to the required specification.

The steel is moved through the manufacturing process in erectable lots employing moving bed systems reducing handling and ensuring a smooth flow of production.

Our production personnel are highly skilled and are capable of producing most types of structures and we are able to meet the most demanding of programmes.

With our own transport and trailer fleet we have the flexibility to meet any special delivery requirements and also ensure the steelwork arrives safely on site on time.  

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