We are conscious and committed to the protection of our environment and have set a number of objectives to ensure that our negative environmental impact is reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable as well as endorsing the industry aims which require companies “to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction in terms of viability, social progress and environmental responsibility”.


We do this by ensuring all employees are committed to reducing our environmental impact by meeting our annual improvement targets, as well as minimising the production of waste, promoting recycling in all areas of the company, reducing energy consumption through the use of efficient processes and equipment, reducing harmful emissions by substance selection and control and committing ourselves to work with suppliers who themselves have sound environmental policies.


We ensure that we source, extract and manufacture our materials in a responsible and sustainable way. We engage with a carefully selected supply chain, who are expected to comply with our rigorous standards of responsible sourcing and share our sustainability objectives.


Established in 1932, Frank H. Dale is now one of the UK’s largest and most efficient steel fabricators


By working closely with our chosen suppliers to promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain, our customers in turn can be confident in sourcing responsibly.


To demonstrate our commitment to Environmental Management and ensure that we continuously improve our contribution to the environmental pillar of sustainability we are fully certified to ISO 14001:2015 which is fully integrated with our online management system.


In accordance with our environmental management procedures, rigorous planning and checking is employed throughout all areas of our production and site activities, minimising our impact on the environment and working towards becoming a leader in environmental management in our industry.


We recognise that the success of our environmental management system depends on commitment from all levels of the Company, led by top management; therefore the Directors are committed to reducing our environmental impact by continuously reviewing our objectives and promoting a positive environmental management culture within the Company.